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Osteopathy is an all encompassing, gentle, non invasive, hands on manual therapy that takes into account the entire person and dysfunctions that may be occurring in different parts of the body.

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Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle and effective hands on treatment that focuses on finding and resolving tissue restrictions with distinct techniques within the Cranial Sacral system. All of our Osteopathic Practitioners are highly skilled in Cranial Osteopathy


Pediatric Osteopathy is a safe, gentle treatment administered by a Manual Osteopath that has taken further studies/education on the care of new born, infants, toddlers and children via various modalities


Pain & discomfort from the changes in the body can lead to a frustrating and sometimes debilitating experience.

We gently work with your internal organs, musculature, ligaments, tendons and cranial sacral system to help encourage increased function and boost wellness so that you can better function as new mom.

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Osteoasthetics encourages the production of collagen by manually stimulating the tissues, it decreases inflammation and appearance of the eyes while naturally smoothing out the skins’ texture. It also stimulates cell division and activates renewal of the epidermis . Includes a buccal massage.


Massage Therapy has been around for centuries. It continues to be a ‘go to’ form of therapy for those experiencing pain and muscle tension or wanting some stress relief.


Acupuncture is one of the many practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dating back thousands of years. 

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin, single-use needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points along the body to improve blood circulation, boost immunity, promote relaxation, relieve tension and pain. 

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Here are some other benefits associated with laser therapy

  • Pain free treatment

  • Highly effective for many conditions

  • Reduces the need for pain medication

  • Helps to restore normal range of motion and function

  • Does not interact with medications


Vitamin B12 helps to boost energy levels, alleviate back pain and fatigue, aids in weight loss and stress reduction. It is an extremely important vitamin that helps brain function, red blood cells and inflammation. Getting a vitamin B12 injection at Osteo Genie can help you in more ways than expected.


Is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a Epidermal Micro-Exfoliation (EME) device (we use Eclipse Micro Pen EVO). The device uses micro needles to lightly pierce the skin (sounds a lot worse then it really is), which triggers a reaction that stimulates the production of collagen.  (not available yet)


Neuromodulators (Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Nucevia) work by disengaging the contraction function of the muscle there by allowing the muscle to release, relax and smooth out which helps to relieve pain as well as decrease or eliminate the tension in the tissue; this additionally gives the look of less wrinkled skin and decreasing oil production.


Cupping Therapy is an ancient therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries for reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow as well as muscular and fascial release.


Taping is used to decompress layers of skin, fascial, and muscle tissue in order to improve circulation and movement in an area. By adding tape to an area that is painful, we can increase the circulation through that area, decompress the pain receptors in the skin and therefore provide pain relief.


Reiki is a gentle alternative treatment for stress reduction and relaxation which also can promote healing. 

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