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Pediatric Osteopathy

(12yr and under)

Is a safe, gentle treatment administered by a Manual Osteopath that has taken further studies/education on the care of new born, infants, toddlers and children via various modalities

What can it help with?

Feeding/Latching issues                    Bowel movements

Sleeping                                              Reflux/Gas pains

Torticollis/Wry neck                            Distress/Fussiness

Plagiocephaly                                     Not meeting certain growth milestones

ADD/ADHD                                        Anxiety

Eye strain                                            Tongue tie

Some behavioral issues                     Musculoskeletal issues

After birth your baby may have held on to some of the constrictions and strains in the body and  cranium that often comes with growing in the womb and passing through the birthing canal or being extracted via forceps/vacuum. These restrictions can vary from mild to severe and can affect the growth and behavior of your child. Without tending to these restrictions these issues stay with your baby and as they grow the problems grow with them.

Our Manual Osteopath will use cranial sacral, visceral, gentle global mobilizations and or soft tissue techniques to release constrictions while utilizing the knowledge of their delicate and underdeveloped bodily systems to get the appropriate response within their body and nervous system.

After a treatment your baby/child may be tired, irritated or fussy as they adjust to the changes happening in their systems, this will be a temporary side effect.

Both Jackelyn and Jeannie are educated and experienced in the care of infants, babies and children however Jackelyn is the only practitioner that is taking on new pediatric clients at this time.

Call us at 905 493 3011 or email for more information


Pediatric (12 and under) pricing:


60 mins         $130 + hst

45 mins         $110 + hst
30 mins         $  90 + hst 

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