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Whitby Wellness Center, Ontario

Servicing the human body from the face to the base

Are you looking into Osteopathy in Whitby? Are waiting times long? At Osteo Genie Wellness Hub, your center for wellness, we are eliminating the need for the search and wait time; with 5 Manual Osteopaths working closely with each other along with our Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist we have created an environment where we utilize each others skills to elevate the types of treatments we deliver.


Our Story

Our incredible success rate is directly related to the co operative environment and patient centered care we have created. We take teamwork seriously and often take extra educational courses, bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate on client cases together.

We understand pain and dis-ease from our personal experiences with trauma which, as practitioners have helped us evolve our understanding of how much changes in life when you are hurting, we know that it not only affects you, but it affects your family, work and social life; no one should have to live that way and we are dedicated to helping you journey forward toward a better quality of life.

This holistic approach to health and healing coupled with our own experiences and innate desire to help others on their journey of health is what makes us so successful. Our practitioners take satisfaction in knowing we have assisted others to move through an unpleasant/painful stage in their life and onwards to better days where they can do the things they used to do, have the energy to interact with others or simply take back control of their lives.

Meet The Team

Ashley McLeish


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