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Cupping Therapy is an ancient therapeutic technique that has been

used for centuries for reducing pain and inflammation, increasing

blood flow as well as muscular and fascial release. It is typically

used in Traditional Chinese Medicine but can also be traced back to Egyptian and Middle Eastern Cultures.

It involves applying cups made of glass or silicone to the skin with

suction thereby drawing the tissue up into the cup which stimulates

tissue relaxation while assisting with stagnation. The cups may be

stationary or it could be moved along the surface of the skin in a

gliding motion. They are typically placed when pain is felt, usually the back, neck, shoulders but can be utilized on different body parts as well. We utilize a dry cupping methodology.

The suction of the cups on the skin can feel tight but usually resolves as more cups are applied. Patients tend to report some initial discomfort with gliding cupping but that too starts to resolve as the tissues loosen and blood flow increases. Once your session is completed the practitioner removes the cups by gently releasing the suction seal. 

Cupping can cause temporary discoloration of the skin, ranging from a light red to deep purple color which tend to resolve anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the level of stagnation. That was present.
We offer cupping as a stand alone therapy or it can be incorporated into you Osteopathic and Massage treatment.


This service is not bookable online. Please call us to book this service.

**Please note a 45minute cupping appointment must be booked for your 1st appointment if using as a stand alone treatment.

***  If you choose cupping as a stand alone treatment it will not covered by your extended health benefit plan.

 45 mins = $75 + hst

 30 mins = $65 + hst

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