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Osteopathy Whitby, Ontario

Visit our Manual Osteopathy clinic in Whitby. Our osteopaths use various manual therapy techniques to address imbalances in the body from a whole-body perspective. The consensus amongst clients when asked how they would explain their manual osteopathy experience summed up in one word is, ‘Magic.’ When something so profound touches you and starts the healing process on such a deep level without force or stress, it can feel like magic, and though I would love to run with that complimentary description, there is much more to explain.

Osteopathy is an all encompassing, gentle, non invasive, hands on manual therapy that takes into account the entire person and dysfunctions that may be occurring in different parts of the body. We work with bodily  systems such your fascia, muscles, bones, joints, tendons and organs as well as lymphatic, respiratory, blood supply and nervous system, with the goal being to find the origin of your pain and treat that area, rather than solely treating the symptoms of pain you are experiencing. With this holistic approach, Manual Osteopaths are quite effective in having long lasting effects with acute and chronic conditions. 

Osteopathy also has a focus on how the structure and state of the body affects what is happening functionally. As such an initial head to toe assessment is completed at your first appointment in order to get a true picture of what is happening within the body. Once we have a good picture of the circumstances’ we can design a plan that is suited for your individual needs and situation.

Our community for treatment ranges from babies to toddlers, adults, seniors, athletes and everything in between. Some of our therapists have taken specialized courses to be able to treat children under 12 (including babies) as well as Prenatal patients.

 We utilize applications such as Cranial Sacral, Visceral, Mobilizations, Muscle energy, Balanced ligamentous and Lymph drainage techniques (to name a few) that help to facilitate the regeneration and rehabilitation of the body.Some of the major benefits include increased, mobility, motility, blood flow and overall quality of life. The list of ailments is not all inclusive but gives an idea of what Osteopathy can assist with:

•    Acute and Chronic pain                    
•    Headaches/migraines and Concussions
•    Adhd, Anxiety and sleep disorders
•    TMJ disorders (grinding, clenching, jaw pain)        
•    Sinus and nasal congestion                    
•    Neuralgia and sciatica                                
•    Carpel tunnel, golfers and tennis elbow
•    Workplace and sports injuries (Repetitive sprains and strains etc.)
•    Chest Tightness brought on by COVID, bronchitis, chronic cough etc.
•    Back & neck pain (postural deviations, herniated disc, muscle spasm)    
•    Post chemo and radiation constrictions
•    Menstrual pains
•    And Much More

We are also well known as a preventative treatment that can help improve your wellbeing and enhance athletic performance. If you are unsure if Osteopathy is right for you, give us a call or email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Adults and over 12 years old pricing:

90 mins        $175 + hst
75 mins        $145 + hst
60 mins        $125 + hst
45 mins        $105 + hst

30 mins        $  85 + hst

Golden Ager Osteopathy (60+)


90 mins       $155 + hst

75 mins       $145 + hst

60 mins       $105 + hst

*** Please note, pricing for Jeannie's services differs from the posted rates- call for more information***

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