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          with buccal massage


Is completely reinventing how we approach aging. There are no needles involved (skin integrity stays intact) in acquiring a natural lift to the facial structures and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Osteoasthetics also helps to relieve TMJ issues as there can be extensive work done within the oral cavity. 

Osteoasthetics encourages the production of collagen by manually stimulating the tissues, it can decrease inflammation and appearance of the eyes while naturally smoothing out the skins’ texture. It also stimulates cell division and activates renewal of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin we see). You will see and feel results after your 1st appointment, noticing a tightening and lifting effect of the skin. 

After multiple treatments results will show:

1) a reduction in cheek and or double chin volume

2) Nasolabial folds and wrinkles smooth out

3) Enhancements of micro circulation giving a healthy youthful appearance

4) Restoration of the elasticity of face

5) Helps in cell regeneration

6) Face structure retains a more contoured appearance & more pronounced cheekbones

*** some clients compare the results to liposuction and is an excellent alternative to surgical tightening *** 

Jeannie utilizes her expert knowledge from Osteopathy, Nursing and Medical Esthetics; combining techniques from a multitude of educational backgrounds to acquire desired results without any downtime or invasive measures. 

Techniques used could include:

Buccal Massage (used by stars like Jlo, Meghan Markle and Kristen Bell) 

Sculptural Facial manipulation 

Neurovascular release

Facial soft tissue therapy

Gua sha

Lymph drainage



Fascial Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Craniofacial Osteopathy (Craniosacral Therapy)

Cos/medical facial

Indian Head Massage 

This, combined with a well thought out medical skin care regime for your individual needs will be included for the best possible results 

Your age will determine how many treatment courses you will need throughout a one year span; each round has 5 to 10 sessions that are split into weekly appointments. This procedure is recommended for those 25 years of age and older.  We strongly suggest booking your weekly appointments in advance as these appointments book up quickly.

Like any other treatment there are some that Osteoasthetics are not suitable for: 


* Anyone with Botox or fillers or any invasive face treatments within 4 weeks prior

* Neoplasms on skin and in body

* Allergies/dermatitis

* Chronic disease in the acute phase

* Any inflammation including lymph nodes

* Fever

* Wounds/cuts/burns/hematomas on face

* Herpes in acute phase

* Presence of large moles on face

* Rosacea

* ENT (ear/nose/throat) pathology

* Intracranial pressure (ICP)

* High blood pressure

* Thyroid and blood diseases

* Recent dental work or dental disease

* During Orthodontic treatment and 3 months after

* Active Acne (we can work to clear this issue with a personalized skin care plan)

* Thrombopheblitis

* Tuberculosis, Syphilis, HIV

* Alcohol/Drug Intoxication

* Cancer

* Sores in mouth

* Increased fragility of blood vessels

* Pregnant or Breastfeeding *

* For clients with increased facial hair the hair may grow faster. 

Our goal is to give you a NATURAL, non invasive alternative approach to anti aging that carries no downtime and has immediate effect. It not only has a physical effect but can be very relaxing, having a positive impact on your overall well being. 

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1 session    $ 199  + hst  

5 pack        $ 900  + hst  

10 pack      $ 1750 + hst 

** Please note these are introductory prices and will change in 2023.**

** not covered by extended benefits**

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