Facial Osteopathy


** ALL facial focused Osteopathy appointments have an element of skin care as part of every treatment. We believe in keeping the first line of defense healthy so that all the contents within can function better, without interruption from a breakdown in its protective barrier (skin).


The head encapsulates the command center of the body and has some of the most important equipment that allows the body to function and is protected by its surrounding structures. The skull, which includes the face and its supporting structures and tissues (fascia, muscles, bones, ligaments, lymphatic system and skin) has an eco system of its own that needs to be in optimal condition (like any other part of our body) in order to perform its function effectively.


The bones and skin of the face can be tugged at and shift (just like the rest of the body) and cause pain. We focus on the face and skin (though we do treat other areas as well) because it is the part of the body most exposed to the elements on a daily basis; Constantly defending against and sometimes absorbing the pollutants and toxins in our environment which can make the skin become irritated and or sensitive. Caring for the skin ensures a well rounded and complete regime for the top part of your body. We use mobilizations, plant botanicals, cupping, tapping, essential oils, lymph drainage, neurovascular and fascial release as well as soft tissue techniques to keep your face and skin healthy


For issues related to stress, headaches/migraines, dizziness, overactive nervous system etc we would utilize craniosacral (aka cranial sacral or cranial osteopathy) techniques, Indian Head massage and or neurovascular release to being you back to a place of calm.



The neck becomes a ‘bottle neck’ of sorts for the highways and freeways (veins, arteries, nerves etc.) of the body and is quite susceptible to holding stress which leads to contracted, stiff muscles. If this passageway is impacted, it places a stress on the other systems in its environment and the chain effect starts; things start pulling into the cranial system, the fascia and muscles of the face tighten all which can lead to headaches, migraines, facial/jaw pain and even wrinkling of the skin. Using craniosacral, mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, balanced ligamentous, fascial release, soft tissue, neurovascular release, trigger point therapy, essential oils and or lymph drainage to gain a sense of lightness, movement and relaxation of tissues in the neck and its surrounding structures

But you see, all of these areas overlap each other not only in the physical tissues but also in symptomology and treatment techniques. For example, your headache could be related to the neck pain you have been experiencing that has tightened and is now pulling on the mastoid (bump behind the ear), this in turn tugs on the jaw so now your feel as though you are tight in the face and the jaw hurts. The skin also gets tugged along for the ride and this action over time could lead to irregularities in the skin. We would utilize a combination of techniques to address all of these areas of concern.

Osteopathic Initial (Face)

$165 + tax

-assessment and treatment will include osteopathic techniques but could also entail recommendations for skin care, cupping, lymph drainage, cranial sacral/cranial osteopathy, laser therapy trigger point therapy, neurovascular release, Indian head massage and or facial tapping (treatments are based on results of the assessment


Face follow up visit:

 $150 + tax - 60 mins 


*** treatments will include osteopathic techniques and could also entail recommendations for medical/plant based skin care, moisturizing, facial cupping, lymph drainage, cranial sacral/cranial osteopathy, laser therapy, trigger point therapy, neurovascular release, Indian head massage and or facial tapping and or essential oils.

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