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About Us

We are the only team in Whitby offering multiple highly skilled and experienced Manual Osteopathic Practitioners, Massage Therapists & Acupuncture/TCM in the same space.

It can be challenging to find a Manual Osteopath and if you do, it is likely the waitlist is months long. At Osteo Genie Wellness Hub we are eliminating the need for the search and wait time; with 5 Manual Osteopaths working closely with each other along with our Massage Therapist  and Acupuncturist we have created an environment where we utilize each others skills to elevate the types of treatments we deliver.

Our goal is to get to the root cause of an issue and to bring the body back to a place where it can begin to heal itself again. Our practitioners are very well versed at in depth assessments, noting observational cues and listening to what you have to say in order to help formulate a plan where your body can get back to a place where it can do what it is meant to do, heal itself. 


Our incredible success rate is directly related to the co operative environment and patient centered care we have created. We take teamwork seriously and often take extra educational courses, bounce ideas off of and collaborate on client cases together.

Along with their general practice, our Manual Osteopaths all have special areas of interest:


  • Jeannie Dhun specializes in Osteoasthetics (Skin/Face/Head, Neck and Jaw.)

(Jeannie is also a nurse and offers Neuromodulators (eg Botox)  for pain and B12 injections)

  • Jackelyn Hurtado specializes in Pediatric and Prenatal with a special interest in Cranial Osteopathy.

  • Michelle Christie specializes in TMJ and Cranial Osteopathy

  • Jasmine Sanghera specializes ng Musculoskeletal Issues with a special interest in TMJ

  • Patrick specialty is in Human Movement. He has a physio like style intertwined with Osteopathy.


We couldn’t be as great as we are without our knowledgeable and equally adept Massage Therapist. They support the work we do and vice versa. Ashley Mc Leish and Ulyses Cadiz RMT teams us with us for quite a different, result oriented style of Massage Therapy.

We recently added Alexanda (Ally) Samelko our in house Accupuncturist/TCMP.  Having the added benefit of this therapy completes the tri fecta of treatments that help our clients utilize several modalities for the best result for them and their individual concerns.

We understand pain and dis-ease from our personal experiences with trauma which, as practitioners have helped us evolve our understanding of how much changes in life when you are hurting, we know that it not only affects you, but it affects your family, work and social life; no one should have to live that way and we are dedicated to helping you journey forward toward a better quality of life.

This holistic approach to health and healing coupled with our own experiences and innate desire to help others on their journey of health is what makes us so successful. Our practitioners take satisfaction in knowing we have assisted others to move through an unpleasant/painful stage in their life and onwards to better days where they can do the things they used to do, have the energy to interact with others or simply take back control of their lives.

 We are honored and excited to be able to dedicate ourselves in service to you with your individual needs and appreciate that you have chosen us to be a part of your health and recovery team.                              

We Offer:

Manual Osteopathy 
Prenatal and Pediatric Osteopathy 
Cranial Osteopathy/Cranial Sacral Therapy
Osteoasthetics and Buccal Massage


Bioflex Laser
Deoxycholic Acid
Injectable Muscle Relaxants  (eg: Botox, Xeomin, Dysport and Nucevia)


Past life Healing

Akashic Record Readings

Diabetic Foot Care


Body Treatments

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